Setting up motion blur

For motion blur to work correctly in Lentil, it needs to be supplied with the correct data. This needs to be done through the combination of a custom AOV named "lentil_time", as well as an AOV shader to write the data to this AOV. The process is shown for Houdini but is the same for all DCC's.

1. Add the AOV

Create a custom AOV called lentil_time of type FLOAT.

2. Add the AOV shader

We need to write out the "time" parameter of the "State Float" node to the "lentil_time" aov. The complete network, when also using cryptomatte, looks like this:

3. Enable motion blur in the render settings & validate

If everything went well, you should see an AOV called "lentil_time" with an output similar to this.

RGBA lentil_time