An initial cryptomatte implementation is available. The standard cryptomatte workflow does not change. There are a few notable differences, however.

  • Locked to the default cryptomatte AOVs for now (object, material, asset).
  • Locked to rank 6 (crypto_*00, 01, 02).
  • Locked to using a gaussian filter of size 2.0.

1. Replace the default cryptomatte library

Since we need to pipe the cryptomatte aov's through lentil, we need to replace the cryptomatte library as described in the Installation.

The only change made is to force cryptomatte to create AOV's with a lentil_filter instead of a cryptomatte_filter.

2. Add cryptomatte the default way

Add the crypto_* aov's & create a cryptomatte AOV shader. You can follow the Arnold documentation for this setup.

3. Enable cryptomatte on the lentil camera

On the camera shader, enable the Cryptomatte parameter.